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Sunday, July 25, 2010
Play nice, or don't

Nobody said you have to play nice but there is a consensus that doing so makes it fun for everyone. Then again, what if you have even more fun by bending/breaking all the rules and driving people mad? It's part of the game, so the saying goes. Deal with it, or stop playing, or be bad and have a ball!
Free mmorpgs are especially vulnerable to poor sports as the gravest of insults and violations of TOS result in a banned account. A banned free account, mind you. These days, it's even easier to set up multiple accounts and even generate false IP addresses in case someone at the gaming portal gets wise and tries to block you that way.
Whether to give in to refined mmorpg playing etiquette or not shouldn't be a struggle despite cries from the gaming community to put a stop to or prevent certain evils within the games themselves: spamming, PKing, Kill-stealing, mob-robbing, and more. However, in the end, the winners are the players who refuse to be silenced or limited by using their wits, technical prowess, and the ever-(and over-) presence of free mmorpgs in which to ruffle more people's feathers.

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