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Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Anime themed mmorpg Appeal
Anime themed mmorpgs hold a special place in many players' hearts. Why? Because Japanese anime and manga as a subculture is an effective method in which to present an mmo in a unique way, as well as provide all the conventional mechanisms and features of traditional mmos like Guild Wars, Everquest, etc. Plus there are millions of fans globally who wouldn't dare frown on a chance to interact in a world not limited to DVD episodes, imported/localized comic libraries.

However, what we do not see is highly popular anime and manga franchises being turned into mmos. Stories like Naruto, Pokemon, or even Cowboy Bebop would make great mmos even if their original creators and copyright holders don't see them as being profitable or enjoyable outside the Japanese market.

Cowboy Bebop, a well known anime outside of Japan but not as popular domestically, using the mmo mechanics of EVE: Online, Freelancer and other sci-fi mmos, would not only be a great revival for the series, but would give the sci-fi and space mmorpg subgenre its own anime themed mmorpg. Alternatively, it would provide the base on which to build a virtual galaxy filled with mafia, bounty hunters, police, merchants, and of course space pirates.

Why hasn't this avenue been explored yet? There have been quite a number of fantasy mmorpgs that include medieval, light vs dark, LOTR and Three Kingdoms themes. It shouldn't be difficult to start from scratch for an amie space mmo or at least heavily based on an international gem like Cowboy Bebop.

If sci-fi mmos aren't your thing, then what if anime/manga publishers to cooperate with game devs to make a completely Japanese themed world? If Japanese subculture like anime/manga is such a huge thing, why not make a virtual Japan that incorporates all that and more? A Japanese Second Life is what it would amount to, but keeping to true to most anime themed mmorpgs, characters and settings would be abbreviated illustrations. Metropolitan districts, farmlands, ancient castle ruins, tropical islands, etc. Different servers can host a different backdrop of the game specific to ancient, medieval, industrial and modern Japans while the mechanics in each "era" would stay the same (quests, parties, EXP gaining, trade, etc.). Maybe too big of a project?

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