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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Dynasty Warriors Online in America (SOON!)

Your favorite feudal China era hack n slash game is coming to Aeria Games this fall (hopefully)
Known for its portfolio of free mmorpg, rts and social games, Aeria and Koei are working together to bring Dynasty Warriors Online (DWO) to the North America and European masses!

Koei is known for its console-based games based on feudal eras of both Japan and China, with hack n' slash titles like Samurai Warriors (Sengoku Musou) and Dynasty Warriors (Sangoku Musou) respectively, as well as one of the first epic strategy games Nobunaga's Ambition. They also are responsible for Gundam variants of Dynasty Warriors (in collaboration with BandaiNamco games).

An announcement was made at various websites as well as the Aeria Games forums but for those who used to smash their PS2 controllers to bits trying to tackles hordes of enemy units will probably find that they might have to take out an insurance policy on their mouse and keyboards as DWO will be available only on PC.

A couple articles for reference:

No news on whether Samurai Warriors, another Koei hack n slash game based on the Japanese Warring States Era, will follow DWO as a free to play mmo, but there have been some positive responses from the gaming community as well as some criticism among Aeria-bashers and hack n slash critics alike.

A premiere source of KOEI related information is at Koei Warriors, a site dedicated to Dynasty Warriors and other games.

You be the judge and read up all you can on this upcoming brand, finally making its way across the Pacific Ocean to your home or internet cafe. By the way, it's free to play but will of course have the usual optional micropayments and item mall existent in all "f2p" online games -- just to warn ya!

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