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Monday, August 23, 2010
Aeria Expands: Big Bucks invested in Latin America
15 Million Smackers Going to Brazil! So that's why the Aeria promotions have been heating up lately!

Translation from Portuguese article at
(quoted translation)
Aeria Games, a company that promotes various RPG games online, like Shaiya, Grand Fantasia and Dynasty Warriors Online, will invest U.S. $ 15 million in Latin America over the next two years. The operation will be commanded from the Sao Paulo office, which brings together 15 professionals. The intention is to assemble a team of 70 employees by the end of 2010.

Founded in 2006, the company, which is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., earned 15 million players in the United States, Europe and China. The company's business model is to offer games free-to-play "- free, no monthly fees, but with the possibility of buying items by the player, with real money.
Grand Fantasia, play with focus on children and teenagers; traces of the game are coming anime
Grand Fantasia, play with focus on children and teenagers; traces of the game are coming anime

"The Latin American market is of utmost importance to us. We believe that having an office in Brazil will be the best option to offer specialized care for our gamers, keep the good relationship and a quality service," said JT Nguyen, director of operations at Aeria Games.

"Players of Latin America are essential to Aeria Games community, which decided to invest in the region to ensure they have the best gaming experience possible," said Paul Fernandes, director of operations for Latin America. He said the operation in Brazil begins with Shaiya and Grand Fanstasia and until December following the launch of one title per month, Portuguese and Spanish. The games will be fully translated."
(end quote)

I think this article and others circulated in other languages about this development clearly indicates Aeria's dedication not only to capture a huge potential market like Brazil (and essentially Portugal), but to continue its push to all edges of the globe in sharing its ever-increasing portfolio of free online games and free mmorpgs.

Whether it can make good on its promise of releasing fully localized versions of its games - one per month - will be interesting to see as most of Aeria's latest games haven't been around long enough to prove themselves in a constantly changing environment of player trends, competition from big, brand named developers/publishers, as rival f2p portals.

Aeria Games started off as a Japan based company and expanded overseas with highly addicting and fun games supported by talented developers, marketers and a rapidly growing population of players. The games Aeria Games provides outside of Japan may differ greatly from the Japanese Aeria's menu.

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